Monday, 21 October 2013

Hot Tips When Considering To Buy A Bengal Cat;

Well...It costs me almost 10k in order to finally learn these bitter experiences. You guys … do not follow my same foot print. It’s very frustrating. There are a lot of conman around. But 10k is  still consider  “ok “ if I were to compare with other seniors who lost hundred thousands during their beginning time(old bad days). If you read these, you may come to realize them, perhaps you u don’t “feel “it.
You are lucky…because you may lean this within a minute...

1) Buy only Purely Bengal breed.
Thus, purchasing should be accompanied with birth cert @ pedigree. (Not a promise….but proven track record).Why?  because you cannot trust people only by their words… any body can easily say;” my Bengal is purely breed one...”The trust is by evidence, the birth cert…yes the birth cert. Birth cert is only produced by TICA world wide. Well you may insist to sign a contract with the breeder to secure your money. If the cert is not delivered by 1 months…return the cat.. .its money back guaranty.  Pure Bengal means quality Bengal. Why this is an extremely important..? Please read the following article…and the other sections of this blog. BTW you are not going to keep 10 Bengals at home as pet aren’t you?

2) Do not buy Bengal without vaccination (+card).
If one sells to you a cat and said “I have already vaccinated her...” that means he is a conman unless he can provide u the real time vaccination card. And the vaccination card must have clinic chop on it. The earliest Vaccination can only be carried out on month 2 & 3 (booster) of age. The litter should received vaccination twice before handing over to you. Vaccination Course you at least RM 25 per jab, x2 for first two vaccines is already RM50...Its still amount of money anyway.

3) Do not buy the mixed breed.
Cause the mixed breed /cross breed are prone to suffer from acquired and genetic illness and short live. I have this experience during my early days. My mixed breed litters died one by one as they grew up… for unknown reason..

4) Do not buy Bengal below age of three months.
Because the litter is immature enough for independent and yet still breast feeding, the true pattern of the rosette has not fully developed. Furthermore the vaccines schedules are still incomplete. If one sell their Bengal below three months old and claimed vaccinated…he is the conman!

5) Do not buy beautiful Bengal at cheap prize.
Quality product always comes with a good prize. It’s just buying a BMW latest 6 series model (M sport)’s not comparable with Mazda R8 ….or Proton Perdana…ha...ha...Study the prizes or ask seniors for consultation.  Some of the quality Bengal is sold cheap as a pet only, but they are all sterilized (neutered). Careful …beautiful Bengal at cheap prize often come out on internet…this is one of the most effective Scammer‘s technique to attract innocent Bengal fans.

6) Do not deal with “non professional “ breeders.
Some of the breeders are stingy and very secretive. They   will not allow you to see their cattery set up. You only can do the transaction at front door…haa...haaa... They are trying to hide something fishy. You better get rid of them. They are obviously a non truth-worthy person and irresponsible... I have been victimized and spotted few of them...if you want to know who are these me at any  time.

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