Saturday, 27 July 2013

Know The Rosettes Pattern

There is a great range of shapes of  two-toned spot markings called "rosettes". Rosettes can be described as being of four major types ; Arrow, PawprintDonuts and Cloud in addition to single spots.A  cat may have some of each type of rosette or the markings may be more uniform.

 1) Arrow Rosettes

2) Pawprint Rosettes

3) Donut Rosettes

4) Cloud Rosettes

Rosettes make the Bengals pattern different 
from all other spotted domestic cat patterns

beige-black arrow & donut rosettes

blue rosettes

dark beige-brown arrow rosettes with patina

dark beige-mixed brown rosettes

dark gold-donut rosettes

dark sorrel-donut rosettes

gold-arrow rosettes with patina

light gold-black donut rosettes

rusty gold-small cloud rosettes

seal sepia - donut rosettes

sorrel-pawprint rosettes

The Unique Of Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are excellent feline companions and domestic cats that are great for active families. The Bengal cat’s personality is not only tame but also unique with some dog like qualities. So for families that want active pet but don’t want all the hassle associated with dogs, such as daily walks, a Bengal cat is a great pet to have. Also it is great for families that want a very unique and special cat that has a look of a wild animal on the outside but a loving and tender personality on the inside.

Are they wild?

Bengal cats that are available for sale to general public are fully domesticated cats because they are four generations removed from their wild ancestors. Basically what’s that means is that the wild Asian Leopard Cat is a great-great-grandad or grandma of an ordinary Bengal cat. Only the fourth generation or F4 is considered a domestic cat by such cat associations as TICA. Although you can buy F1, F2, F3 Bengal cats and even an Asian Leopard Cat they are all intended for breeding purposes and require special equipment and facilities to keep them. So don’t worry if you plan to purchase a Bengal cat they have a tame temperament just like any other domestic cat.

What are they like with kids?

Bengals are devoted family members and have a tender personality. They love your attention and are perfectly safe with kids. The only word of advice is that the Bengals are very active and dynamic cats and are not lap cats. So it is important to teach your kids not to restrict the cat’s freedom. They will follow your family members around and will be present where the fun is. That’s why they are great with kids because children always are up to something and the Bengal cat will love to play with kids.

Devoted members of the family

Bengal cats develop an affinity to family members and require a lot of attention. This is important to understand and you must return this affinity to them. A lot of Bengals love to talk. They meow, chirp and yowl. So you can even talk to them and they will happily respond to you. They really love to spend their time with their families. In this sense they are very unique when compared to other cats, which are often aloof and independent. In fact Bengals are very similar to dogs in this character trait.

Confident and curious

Bengals have an inborn curiosity. They are avid explorers. This is an important character and personality trait they have. This is due to the intelligence this breed possesses. That’s why Bengals are easy to train and there are lots of tricks you can teach them. Another aspect of their personality that is a direct result of their intelligence and curiosity is that they are very confident. If they want something they will get it. So don’t worry when some jars break or cupboards open it is your Bengal searching for its favorite toy or a treat that you have hidden away.

Active and Dynamic

I have already mentioned that Bengals are very dynamic and active cats. They are always running around, chasing, leaping, catching and so on. I guess this is the only wild part left in their personality. However they can also be affectionate and cuddly. But that’s rare. It is a cat that is always ready for adventure and will always be around when something happens. Again this character trait is very similar to dogs and there are many dog-like things in Bengal cats’ behavior. For example they are active, they follow you around, they can learn tricks, they are always happy to see you, and so on. So I can even claim that Bengal cat is a dog lovers’ cat.

Water affinity

Often Bengals have an affinity for water. It is a very common trait of the Bengal cat personality, which is a direct result of their wild ancestry. They are attracted by running water and will not be afraid to get into the water in order to investigate its source. So that’s why Bengals can jump into the showers or bath, jump up to inspect the water running in the kitchen sink and sometimes even play with the toilet water. They also get sometimes pretty messy with the drinking bowel or drinking fountain.