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Our Studs & Character

Black Mafia

  • Hello bro....just call me Mafia..I am  one year old and just recently behave like “Romeo” here.
  • I have a spectacular big-long -muscular body  that will impress you at anytime.
  • According to my master I am almost perfect that meet the good criteria of Bengal cat.
  • I have mixture donut and paw print rosette pattern with golden back ground.
  • They call me  “Mr Arrogant”….cze I don’t like being pampered or socialized. Its just because I am too busy to take care my “ladies”. But its ok to rub and hug me sometime…..I have never feel mad to my master or their children…..they just feel scare of me because of my expression less face.
  • I like to pee and spay my urine at every angles….so every one will know  my territories.
  • Since that my master knows how to handle me with limited freedom….hey.... its my  basic instinct!
  • Don’t take away my ladies away from me ok…? Or else I will make noise like you never heard before.

Snow Boy

  • Haai.. my name is Snow.. i am just 7 months old. I am a silver Bengal with arrow head rosette pattern.
  • I have a cute charming face that meet good quality of Bengal face according to my master. That why they call me “handsome “ sometime.
  • I like to impress everyone with my cool - shaded eyes between my big elongated nose.  Sure they will get stunned and garb me immediately.
  • My hobby is to pee into my drink water….haa..haa.. …it often makes my master grumble cze need to replace with a new one 2-3 times a day .
  • Similarly, I am hyperactive  and  playful. I just cant stand /sit still cze  everything surround me look so  interesting. I cant stand seeing anything moving …papers ,ball, pencil,charger cable, balloon,peanut  etc...i will catch them with full of excitement.
 British Man
  • Hello..Just call me “British”..I am 4 year old. I was born in Canada.
  • I am snow Bengal with scatted donut rosette.
  • I have big -elongated -muscular body that may adore you anytime.
  • Because of my size , sometime the ladies Bengal feel scare  when approaching me….like wise they will start panicky when I try to approach them.
  • Tough having big body size,  but my voice so gentle especially when seeing the ladies.
  • My enemy is black Mafia….donut let me meet face to face with him….or else there will be a world war 3.
  • I love the children taking care of me..i enjoy  when they hug and rub my body. My master feel scare to touch me sometime cze of my look.

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